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Handheld Metal Detectors

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Ceia PD140V Handheld Metal Detectors

Posted on 17th May 2012 @ 9:00 AM

With adjustable sensitivity the PD140 hand-held Metal Detector is designed for magnetic and non-magnetic security metal Detection. This Ceia PD140V Handheld Metal Detectors is what you are looking for now, you will get the best products with the ever cheap price and fast shipping from www.detectorall.com .

Ceia PD140V Hand Held Metal Detector

Do you know what handheld metal detector is? Yes, as you can image from its name you know that it is portable and you can hold it at hand. But you may don't know the real reason why this portable hand held metal detector is designed and what it is mainly used for? Welcome to this professional site for offering you the best choice of detector products www.detectorall.com , you will know more about such device details.

The hand held metal detectors designed for the original purposes can be used in both personal and public places. It can find out explore all kind of metals and explore the potential danger, such as a 64 mode handgun and 6 inches knives. If so this device really help people avoid being harmed by certain dangerous goods, especially in public places, which really helps to create a safety environment. This device can be used in places like railway station, exhibition, prison, factories and so on. But before you buy one you should take many things into account, such as the quality and price. Come to our team www.detectorall.com and we will provide you good quality product at best price.

With adjustable sensitivity the PD140 hand-held Metal Detector is designed for magnetic and non-magnetic security metal Detection. Easy to operate, self-calibrating, high reliability, optical, acoustical and vibration alarm and long battery life are its biggest advantages. Besides you should also pay attention to its high sensitivity and have passed the harsh tests. About its technique specifications you can come to see here Power supply: 9V dry battery Three-position switch with selection of visible alarm or audible and visible alarms Built-in buzzer Adjustable sensitivity. Upon request, the sensitivity can be pre-set to a selected level which can be modified via an internal regulator if necessary. Overall Width:3.15 in; 80 mm Overall Length:13.39 in; 340 mm Optional earpiece output for audible alarm Indicator lamps for power on and alarm Visible indicator of low battery charge Battery life in continuous operation: 12 hours. Relative humidity: 0 - 95% Manufactured in black, shock-resistant ABS Weigh: 1 lb (0.4 kg.) with the Ceia PD140V Hand Held Metal Detector, you will live a better detecting life from here.

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