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Aluminum 20 Meters Dual Beam Infrared Style Photoelectric Detector

Posted on 28th May 2014 @ 9:33 AM

In the films you can often see the infrared photoelectric detector being installed in the important places to keep the safety of dear goods and secret documents. At that time you may think that it is so miraculous and can’t be used in common places. Now with the improvement of the high technology, this security device has been invented to be used in common places. And due to the good detecting function, it has gained much popularity all over the world.

20 Meters Dual Beam Infrared Style Photoelectric Detector

With special optics, digital and imported filter this 20 Meters Dual Beam Infrared Style Photoelectric Detector has strong anti-interference and high reliability. When the device is on its usual and normal work, different environment will not make much difference on it. You can have a trust in the device which can be used to give your precious objects a good protection. When you are not at home or office, this metal detector will be able to act as a responsible safeguard. In that case you have no need to worry about the safety of your property.


The total length of this device is 36cm, and the effective length of it is 28cm. Since it is anti-rain-wet equipment, it can be used in the open air, and in that condition the alert distance is 20m, while being used in indoor area the alert distance is 60m. This can be very convenient for the user to use since people have different needs in the detailed situations. The waterproof design of the infrared photoelectric detector can protect the device itself well to make it work for a long time with good quality.


And the lamp-house of it is IR digital pulse count, besides the import filtrate flake filtrate visible light is firmly durable. Seen from its working temperature(-25℃~55℃), you know this device can work in hard condition with a rapidly reaction speed ranged from 20ms to 120ms. The horizontal adjust is 360°, while a lot of equipment can’t reach this standard. You will be amazed at its good performance with adopting world class top quality advanced technology. When you need such kind of device, you might as well look the best one here and know more details about the detecting product.


The security device can be installed in places like doors, windows, balconies, communities and parks. You can see that the using range is wide and the device is so suitable for the daily life use. This infrared photoelectric detector has a good adaption to different environments. Apart from these advantages referred in the article, there are many other merits about the device. You just need to take a visit in www.detectorall.com to find what you want. If you are a fresh man in this field, you can also get the thoughtful help from our specific sales man to make a wise decision.