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Handheld Metal Detector Can Be a Good Assistant

Posted on 13th May 2015 @ 10:15 AM

Just like some public places now will use the walk-through metal detectors and also the handheld metal detectors, which are aiming to improve the safety condition in some public places such as the airport, the military and also other important public places now the handheld metal detector are also being used in places such as the factory and other important places to do the checking as well and the metal detector has become a good assistant for people and then in this passage you will know more.

Handheld Metal Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity+ Vibration Alert

Firstly, just know more details of this “Handheld Metal Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity+ Vibration Alert”, which is the example here then you will know that this portable metal detector is designed with low power consumption, a 9V battery can supply its working continuously for 40 hours. When it detects metals, it will give out beep sound, LED indicator or vibration. The working frequency of it is 20KHz and it uses a circulation switch (ON, OFF, a sound of light or mode of vibration) for controlling. It owns low battery alarm and the sensitivity is adjustable. But the detecting distance vary according to the goods. For example, the distance of 1/2 pin is 10mm, while Model 64 pistol is 150mm. Besides the gross weight of this one is 0.42kg, which is not so heavy to hold this portable metal detector.

Just using this portable metal detector soon the checking at places such as the airports, railway stations, docks, prisons, customs and frontier defense as well as quality control of medicine, food and other commodities will be easier and this handheld metal detector can also help people to save time as well. And that is also the main reason why the metal detector is good assistant now and just here now you can gain such kind of handheld metal detector at www.detectorall.com with both high quality and best price.