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Brief Introduction of High Technology Vehicle Inspection System

Posted on 23rd Jun 2015 @ 9:48 AM

Safety driving condition is really important for all the people, and now in order to keep the car in good working condition, a lot of under vehicle inspection systems have been invented and have helped people a lot and just here this “Security High-Technology Under Vehicle Inspection System” is just one of such kind of products and then you can have a look at the details of this high technology vehicle inspection system via the following content of this article.

Security High-Technology Under Vehicle Inspection System

As soon as you see the details of this vehicle inspection system you will know that this security under vehicle inspection system is designed for the security inspection of the vehicles undercarriage. This high-technology under vehicle inspection system offers a quickly and easily visualize the entire underside of a vehicle since using 4 HD SONY camera and 12V LED filling light sources. And in this way no matter in the daytime or at night, this vehicle inspection system can stay in good working condition.

Besides this under vehicle inspection system owns moveable and fixed two inspection types. And since it can display the images of 4 directions at the same time and broaden the horizons, and because of its functions and good ability, this security under vehicle inspection system can be installed in place entrances or exits and check vehicles passing or going of the channel, and collect the bottom of the vehicle image acquisition, to determine whether there are bombs, drugs and other prohibited items hidden at the bottom as well.

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