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Anti-terrorism Inspection Systems with DVR Function

Posted on 26th Oct 2015 @ 10:08 AM

Do you know why the detecting vehicle is invented? You know sometimes when people are driving their car become suddenly broken, and being trapped in such condition they can do nothing except waiting for the help of the repairman that they have called to help them solving the problem. However if they have something events to do at that time all their orders will be disturbed, which is really an annoy thing. However sometimes in fact the problem is not so serious and if they can find out the problem first and when the repairman arrives the problem can be easily solved in a short while and perhaps people can do what they have planned in orders. Ever thinking that a device that can help you do the inspection of your under vehicle? Now this is not so hard now of owning the inspection system from www.detectorall.com .

Anti-terrorism Inspection Systems with DVR Function

This detecting vehicle is the latest Telescopic under vehicle search mirror which is designed with DVR function and SD expansion card slot, so that it owns the ability to record the whole working process. If so it is really excellent and the user can also record the file through the USB interface on the device to save the file to a computer or other storage media to facilitate a long time to save data.  And in your spare time you can also play multimedia files and browse e-albums and book by using this anti-terrorism inspection system, as it can also play the role as the not only has the general features of the liquid crystal display, but also a multi-function multimedia player. Moreover the camera adjustable angle of this device is enables to arbitrary angle,so that you can see the condition of the vehicle clearly even of the corners and other positions that under the bottom as well.

Besides, it possesses the design of 120 degrees before and after turning makes it possible to reach the maximum depth to the measured vehicle, which helps you save time. Apart from the above advantages this vehicle inspection system is also infrared with night vision function which allows you to make use of the product at night once you have that requirement. The working temperature of this device is -10—50 and the waterproof design of the product makes it adapt to wide outside environment without damaging the device itself and work continuously with no interference from the bad natural condition.

If you are looking for an excellent anti-terrorism inspection system for your vehicle, then this anti-terrorism inspection system can be your best choice. The installation and operation of this product are both simply easy. No matter you get it for specific use or spare hobby, this vehicle inspection system can meet with your requirement well and give you an enjoyable experience. If you are looking for one, why not come and pick up one at the best price?