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The Application of Metal Detector in Food Industry

Posted on 13th Nov 2015 @ 9:40 AM

With the continuous improvement of living standard, the safety of food has aroused people's attention. We can see the number of people died in disease of every year is countless, so nowadays, more and more people pay more attention on their health.

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Why is there a problem? There are many reasons caused such a serious situation, for one thing is that in order to get more benefits, many manufacturers buy many cheap and unhealthy raw materials for processing, and then sell to the wholesalers or consumers, so there must be a lot of microorganisms, metal, heavy metals, preservatives and other factors that affect the quality of products and do harm to people's health. For another is during the process of production and processing, they added a lot of harmful things in order to extend the freshness of the food, but as consumers, we have no idea about it.

So what we should do is to take some effective measures to protect our healthy. So what I want to introduce to you today is metal detector, I believe that everyone are familiar with it, because we can see it anywhere, like airport, train station, subway station which builds a more safety environment for us, it has become more and more useful in our daily life. So concerned above, what I want to say is that the application of metal detector in the food industry which can better protect our health, it can detect any metals which can help us to control the quality of the good strictly during the production or processing of the food. Therefore, the wide application of metal detector helps us to solve this problem effectively.

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