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Handheld Metal Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity and Vibration Alert

Posted on 19th Feb 2016 @ 10:09 AM

Have you ever thought there could be an efficient way to improve the public safety? What kind of equipment will you choose to use? Now I will show you the best choice of this handheld metal detector for a variety of reasons.

Handheld Metal Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity+ Vibration Alert

Seen from the name of this handheld metal detector, you will see the privilege that this handheld metal detector has, adjustable sensitivity and vibration alert that will make the detecting work more efficiently. For the adjustable sensitivity, it can be used at its maximum degree when it comes to different situations, and it will improve the accuracy of the detecting work.

This handheld metal detector can detect items, such as the pins within 30 to 60mm. However, it can explore a 6 inch long knife at a distance of 150mm, they are the common commodities that we always met in our daily life, thus with the adjustable sensitivity, this handheld metal detector can finish the task easily and without wasting any unnecessary energy, like the battery or anything else. It will adjust itself to different situations.

Besides, it can be widely applied for plenty of area. For example, the station and the airport, it will belong to the military application, and this is the most difficult task and the most important gate that between two different places, it needs high efficiency and precision. This handheld metal detector can be qualified. It will need to guarantee our lives well when we go to work, it’s the civil appliance, and this handheld metal detector is competent for this job.

With the human-oriented design, this handheld metal detector is easy to operate with a sound and light vibration switch, you can choose one mode when you need. What’s more, it’s a low power consumption device, this will save lots of energy, and it is the show of green idea, this can be a model for other products.

The most important point is that the device can guarantee a peaceful and safe society for us, our demands bring in the application of this handheld metal detector, with bad guys are changing their intention, we have improved our device a lot ,it can be more intelligent to suit for the changing situations nowadays.

Moreover, the power source is a 9v battery, it can be used continuously for 40 hours, and this will save our time. It will give an alarm when your device need charged, and this handheld metal detector can be charged with an external plug, then you won’t need to purchase the battery regularly.

What’s more, this handheld metal detector is on sale, you can take it at a reasonable price, take action right now if you need it, or you will regret for missing this chance in the future. More detailed specifications are on www.detectorall.com. You can visit it whenever necessary.