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The metal detector working in the factories

Posted on 27th Apr 2016 @ 10:08 AM

Nowadays, the metal detector is widely used in various kinds of fields. The most common metal detector we see is the one which is used in the airport and railway station. It is a part of the security inspection system adjusted in every airport and railway station. We are pretty familiar with them because we have to put our belongings on the metal detector to accept security inspection. And we should also go through the walkthrough metal detector that is used to inspect whether we have brought some metal objectives with us, especially the guns and knives which can do harm to people’s health. Another kind of metal detector we can often see is the one used to hunt for coins and treasures. It is the hobby of many people to enjoy metal detecting in the grassland or the beach in their spare time. They can sometimes find rare coins and precious treasure with their metal detector. In addition, there is a kind of metal detector that is used in the factories to inspect if there is any metal objectives left in the products before the products are delivered out of the factories.

X -ray Security Inspection System

If we can have chance to visit some factories, we can see the metal detector working in the food factories and clothing factories. Because the material has to touch the metal machine during the working procedure, there would be some possibility that some little accessories would be left in the products. So the metal detector is installed in end of the production line. If the metal accessories are remained in the products when the products are leaving the factory, some of the customers would get hurt by the unexpected metal accessories. And the reputation of the factory and company would be ruined seriously. So it is very important to inspect the products before delivering to the selling sites.

Metal detectors working in the factories should be treated carefully and operated in the right way. First of all, to reduce the odd of wrong alarming, the employee should be trained to work with the metal detector. And every machine needs a period of time to warm up, so does the metal detector. Warming up the machine is also an effective way to improve the sensitivity and accuracy. Besides it is also very significant to clear it because there would be dust in the working environment. To prolong the service time of the metal detector, it is necessary to do the maintaining regularly. The maintaining should be carried out by the professional engineers or mechanics. If some repairing work has been done to the metal detector, it is also very important for the metal detector to be used in a trial period before it returns to the working area.