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This 0.5m Ground Searching Metal Detector for Kids can promote understanding between you and your children

Posted on 4th Aug 2016 @ 10:22 AM

Have you ever thought that there would be some kind of metal detectors fit for your children who likes detecting? Here comes the chance for you to understand your kids more, this 0.5m ground searching metal detector for kids just combine the idea with the fact. Is it an amazing items for you?

0.5 Meter Ground Searching Metal Detector for Kids

For it is just designed to make the detecting work easily operated for kids, in order to achieve this goal, it’s just been matched with only one on-off button, then it can be easily handled without any worry about the multi-functional realization, it just for kids to find some items that contains metal without distinguishing the ferrous or non-ferrous.

Besides, it will improve the efficiency as well for the easy operation, and it can increase self-confidence for kids, the more they found, the happier they would be. It is our ultimate goal, and this is the attractive point of this 0.5m ground searching metal detector.

Although it is convenient to handle for the kids, it is also equipped with high sensitivity function, your children could enjoy their detecting, and the high sensitivity will make the detecting work precise. At the same time, you could fight with your kids so that you all would gain more fun from the detecting work. It is a better way for you to understand your children well.

What’s more, you can learn something from your kids as well, or even it will change your embarrassing situation that had existed for a long time. And you all can relax yourself at the same time when you are in the forest; you will probably find treasures while it just happened so suddenly. No one will know what the future have in store for us.

Furthermore, this metal detector for kids can detect a hat pin at 30mm and a USD 25 cent at 50mm; this is also a way to show the high sensitivity. And this is the unique design that other metal detector for kids didn’t have.

And this 0.5m ground searching metal detector has a LED light which will give you a alarm when your device detects some metal, it will show you the result in a simply way, then you can’t miss it with the sound alarm and light alarm. And you will tackle with the situation in time.

Since it’s designed just for kids, then you can purchase it at a reasonable price or even the unimaginable price that you have never thought before. To crown the whole, it is the great opportunity for you to gain deep impression from your kids or promote the understanding as well.   It is like killing two birds at one stone, thus why don’t you seize the chance? You can come to www.detectorall.com for more detailed specification about it.