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Pay attention to this High Sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detector and Portable Metal Scanner

Posted on 24th Aug 2016 @ 10:27 AM

When you are looking for one suitable and powerful detector that can be used as a security inspection tool, then you may need to spare your time to come to have a look at this high sensitivity and portable metal detector, it can also be called a body scanner. Seen from the title, you may be attracted by it, and then more detailed information about it will be provided then.

High Sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detector & Portable Metal Scanner

Since we have been in this field for decades, and made efforts to improve the quality and function, this one has combined our efforts with modern high technology, and then it can be as powerful as you see for the time being. The outstanding merit of this high sensitivity hand held metal detector is the special design, it will round when it detects the metallic objects, besides, it will give a sound alarm. What’s more, it will adjust the sound to the different targets, a prolonged sound will be heard when something that contains metal and with big size was detected out, then you can know the condition as soon as possible and tackle with the problem promptly, the most important thing is that it will avoid of large loss and threaten to vital guests, this is the extreme goal that all of us has been chasing after fro so many years. It also matches with high sensitivity, it can detect the 25 cent coins at 90mm, the 6inch long knife at 160mm and the 64 model dagger at 150mm and so on, since these items are common in our life, then you can master all of this things at any time.

Besides, this high sensitivity hand held metal detector is portable and light for people, then you can use it without any pressure, and the wrist loop can be another factor that will ease burden on your shoulder. Even the operators use it for a long time, they won’t feel so much fatigue. This is human-oriented design that takes human factor into account, and then it can be humanized. Since it is portable, then it can be used at any occasions which require security inspection. With the development of the science and technology, this hand held metal detector also benefit from it, what’s more, it can work continuously for 40 hours, then it will save lots of trouble for the operators. And one of the power supply is 9v fold battery, another separated power supply is a rechargeable nickel-based batteries, this will make it convenient for many individuals, and when one of them runs out of, another can replace it. In addition, this hand held metal detector can be applied in many places, such as the airports, railway station, and government buildings and so on, where are crowded of people and need security guarantee.

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