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Mini Full Band Wireless Signal Detector can help protect you from being tapped

Posted on 7th Sep 2016 @ 9:32 AM

With the development of the science and technology, our living standard had been improved so much, and we can also enjoy the convenience from it, one of the important inventions is the cell phone, which has been so popular in our daily life for a short time, we can easily contact with our family or friends with it, besides, we even can acknowledge what’s taking place around us within our hands. Then it also brings with plenty of problems for us as well, first of all, it’s the leakage of individual information and cell phone eavesdropping. Then you may need to come to learn more about this mini full band wireless signal detector if you really want to own a safer environment.

Mini Full Band Wireless Signal Detector

When such of this thing take place, we may face with lots of potential threatens, most important of this is the individual asset information. Then we should attach importance to this. Here comes the chance for you all, this mini full band wireless signal detector can help a lot in this field. With applying active laser scanning and passive scanning method, it can precisely recognize the eavesdropping devices, tracking devices, wireless pinhole camera, electrical sources and so on, which means that it can strongly realize the goal and create a safer condition for you, and this can’t be reached by other similar equipments. Besides, it also matches a signal strength indicator, which can be useful when you need to figure out the source of the signal, it will be convenient for the operators to know the condition at any time and deal with the different situations promptly. It will apparently help save plenty of loss. What’s more, it will also help us get away from the resource at the same time. In addition, this mini full band wireless signal detector has a wide receiving frequency as well, which ranges from 1MHz to 6500MNz, this will guarantee the detecting accuracy and powerful application. It almost contains the common cello phone signal and wireless signal, and then it won’t miss the target at maximum degree.

Moreover, this mini full band wireless signal detector also own several detecting modes, which can allow the operators to use it according to the certain situations, and it will make it convenient for the operators to master the condition, when you don’t want to cause attention from the eavesdropper, then this one can be adjusted to the vibration mode or the headphone mute detection mode. Besides, it also has an adjustable sensitivity, which will allow the operators to realize the optimal operation and avoid of energy waste. And a rechargeable built-in battery can make the detecting work convenient to carry out and also save lots of cost. Although, this is a mini type, it also has powerful function and high quality. Another vital merit of this mini full band signal detector is that the detecting range can change according to the power, when the power increases, so does the detection range. You may need to come to www.detectorall.com to gain more information about it yourself.