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This is the High Sensitivity Portable Metal Detector

Posted on 13th Sep 2016 @ 10:03 AM

If you are looking for a high sensitivity and powerful function metal detector, then just come to look at this high sensitivity portable metal detector, you won’t regret for this, and it won’t cost you long time.

High Sensitivity  Portable Metal Detector

Seen at the first glimpse, you will be impressed by the wrist loop that matched on the handle, are you curious about the usage of this? And do you think it unnecessary of the loop? No, this can be a good idea for you, when you have used it for a whole day, and your arms would be sore, then you can twine the loop around your wrist, the weight will loosen enough for you, thus you can focus on your work without any problem. That has taken actual factor into account, then it can be human-oriented for operators, thus they won’t feel exhausted. With high sensitivity, this high sensitivity portable metal detector can detect the ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel weapons and other metallic objects and so on, then it will promote the detecting efficiency at maximum degree, and the detecting precision can also be improved too. What’s more, it can be used for detecting the magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, this is another indication of powerful function. Since it almost covers the common metals in daily life, then this hand held metal detector won’t miss any potential target and try its best to protect us from being hurt.

Moreover, it can search the hidden metal objects which is hard for our eyes in clothing, baggage and other places, then it will decrease the crisis of meeting danger. The interesting but practical aspect of this portable metal detector is the various tone matches the different size of metallic objects, then you can master the situation at any time and deal with the exceptional condition when it takes place. You should pay attention to the very high reliability of this hand held metal detector, since it can not only ensure the detecting accuracy, but also improve the work efficiency. And another merit of this portable metal detector is the self-calibrating, and then it will reduce the consequence that human behavior makes. In addition to the transparent result, it will save lots of trouble for people as well. Furthermore, the in recharge jack built in the device will make the charging without taking off the battery, then it means that the power supply can be circular, then you may don’t need to replace the battery sometimes.   

Fitting with a three-mode switch, they are visible alarm or audible alarm and visible alarm, then users can change it according to the different situations, and make the maximum usage of this hand held metal detector. And the operating temperature will allow this stuff work well even in bad circumstance, this is another advantage over other similar portable metal detectors, you can come to www.detectorall.com to learn more about it.