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Safety tips on metal detecting

Posted on 20th Sep 2016 @ 10:17 AM

Metal detecting is an interesting activity. Now more and more people are enjoying metal detecting all over the world, so more and more old coins and treasures are being found. Metal detecting can not only rewards you with treasures, but can also help you make more friends and enjoy your life. But please remember to keep these safety tips of metal detecting in mind whenever and wherever you go out to hunt for something.

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Firstly, you should always ask permission before you to some private places to detect. If you do not ask for permission, your metal detecting behavior would be very serious, even breaking the laws sometimes. So you do not want your happy detecting to end up as an embarrassing story, right?

Besides, you can notice that no matter you go hunting around your neighborhood or to the beach; you would be surrounded by some curious people. Some people are curious about what you are doing. But you cannot deny that some are jealous with your findings or your detector. Never show other people what you have found at the location where you found them. If someone claims that he lost something in that place, you can ask him what does it looks like in details and where he lost it. If you finds are exactly his, you should return it. If not, do be tricked by other people. Also remember to protect your detector and never show it off in front of the strangers.

What’s more, you should choose the right time to go out for metal detecting. Detecting at night is much more dangerous that in the day time. So the best time to hunt to get rid of the unexpected dangers is in the morning or before sunset. If the sunburn is severe during the day time, do not forget to wear sunglasses and rub the sunscreen around skin which is exposed to the sunshine.

In addition, you should bring some necessary tools to protect yourself. The type of personal protection you should carry varies wildly by location, for instance at the beaches the large stainless steel beach scoop is intimidating enough. And if you go to the woods, don’t forget to bring a knife with you. In case you might get hurt by the animals or the poisonous plants in the woods. Of course water and snacks are necessary if you are planning a long metal detecting trip.

All in all, you should make adequate preparation before you go out and start detecting. Safety is the first you should consider carefully. Do get hurt and we hope your every hunting trip is happy ending story.