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BLISSTOOL LTC64X Metal Detector

SKU: DT173600
Price: US$662.00
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Product Description

Are you looking for a professional level metal detector that combines the features of discrimination, great detecting depth, as well as the ability to ignore mineralized effect? Here is one of the best equipment available: BLOSSTOOL LTC64X metal detector.

The units is the latest extended and developed equipment from the worldwide well-known manufacturer, which is added with GAIN and TONE potentiometer to allow adjustment of input AC amplification of signal from detected target and frequency of output sound of the detector respectively. The well-designed construction of the unit provides users with fine-tuning accordingly during the ground search.

The metal detector is highly applicable in any types of detecting terrains, including even the highly mineralized ground. User can still successfully detect coins with the presence of high content of ore. The LTC64X is also featured with excellent penetrating ability in all conditions. User can use it to carry out a great depth detecting regardless of the soil conditions. The detector will work well locating coins placed in to ceramic, stones and rocks etc. Another advantage of the detector is the efficiency of detecting. Usually, detectorists have to move very slowly during detecting to ensure stability. But this unit is capable of comparatively high detection speed and high recovery speed. Users can cover a wider range using the unit but not run the risk of miss good finds.

The ground search metal detector is the optimal choice for those who are serious about finding coins, copper, silver and even gold gadget and so on. Spare some times to find more details below.


Base Technologies:

  • Induction Balance (IB)
  • Very Low Frequency (VLF)
  • SuperB Depth = Super BLISSTOOL Depth (SBD) new
  • One of the best deep detecting metal detectors in the world
  • Base operating frequency: v1 - 8.5KHz; v2, v2i and v3 - 8.0KHz new
  • Adjustable operating frequency (+-60Hz) new
  • Operating mode: motion
  • Sound discrimination of the metals
  • Designed to work on all types of terrains
  • High efficiency even in highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore, terrains dotted with ceramics and terrains dotted with stone plates
  • Standard 28cm (11") DD search coil
  • Additional 38cm (15") DD search coil new
  • Built-in LiPo battery 11.1V, 2200mAh with high quality and long life new
  • Automatic LiPo battery charger new
  • Manual and Automatic ground balance mode
  • Coarse and fine settings in manual ground balance mode new
  • Switch with three auto ground zones
  • High detection speed

BLISSTOOL LTC64X is a modern professional metal detector, designed to work on all types of terrains, including highly mineralized terrains, terrains with a high content of ore and highly contaminated terrains. Has perfect depth and discrimination and is outstanding for its high quality, easy user’s adjustment and minimal maintenance need. This makes it equally suitable for beginners and experienced searchers.

As a concept, BLISSTOOL LTC64X is designed:

  • to have excellent depth of detection in all conditions!;
  • to be used on any type of terrains;
  • to can change its behavior: whether to be "noisy" or completely "silent"; new
  • to have expanded opportunities for setting of the discrimination and ground balance; new
  • to successfully detect coin placed into ceramics, stones and rocks;
  • to successfully detect coins in highly mineralized terrains;
  • to have good depth of detection, not only to copper but also to silver and gold objects;
  • to have high detection speed and high recovery speed and at the same time to have good stability. new


BLISSTOOL LTC64X is available in four versions:

  • version 1 (LTC64X v1, LTC64X version 1);
  • version 2 (LTC64X v2, LTC64X version 2);
  • version 2i (LTC64X v2i, LTC64X version 2i);
  • version 3 (LTC64X version 3, LTC64X v3).

BLISSTOOL LTC64X version is marked on the electronic block, against the model of the metal detector.

  • LTC64X v1 is the standard version.
  • LTC64X v2 is a version specially adapted for heavy field conditions.
  • LTC64X v2i is an improved version of v2.
  • LTC64X v3 is the top version with extreme performance.

LTC64X v2 is better than v1 with that this LTC64X v2 is optimized to work on:

  • highly contaminated terrains;
  •  highly mineralized terrains;
  • terrains with a high content of ore.

Of the above described terrains, LTC64X v1 also works, but LTC64X v2 is additional optimized for such terrains.

LTC64X v2i is better than v2, with that this at LTC64X v2i has improved:

  • the depth of detection;
  • the sensitivity to very small metal objects.

LTC64X v3 is better than v2i, with that this LTC64X v3 is:

  • with extreme improved depth of detection;
  • with extreme improved sensitivity to very small metal objects;
  • optimized for Gold Nugget prospecting;
  • with extended setup of the sensitivity and the behavior;
  • with capable of successfully competing with multi-period pulse induction metal detectors. In comparison with them, has a similar depth of detection, greater universality and excellent discrimination.

Which version is right for you to judge yourself according to your specific needs.

Our additional guide recommendations and clarification for you are:

  • 1/ In terms of the depth of detection:

   - In practice, when properly adjusted, v1 and v2 have the same depth of detection;
   - v2i has better depth of detection of v1 and v2;
   - v3 has better depth of detection of v1, v2 and v2i.

  • 2/ In terms of stability:

   - At user setup for top performance: LTC64X v2 is more stable than v1, v2i and v3;
   - At adequate user setup, according to the field conditions, all versions are equally stable.

  • 3/ In terms of the terrain and the universality:

   - All versions are designed to be universal, ie with adequate user setup, all versions work well on any type of terrains.


  • Metal detector BLISSTOOL LTC64X with 28cm (11") DD search coil BLISSTOOL DD28SC2 and LiPo battery 11.1V, 2200mAh
  • Automatic LiPo battery charger
  • User guide
  • Warranty card
  • Invoice
  • Transport and storage box
  • 3 Year Worldwide Warranty

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    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2020

    Everything works fine. Thank you to the seller for fast delivery

  2. Amazing Packaging

    Posted by Mark on 14th Dec 2020

    Amazing Packaging. The box looks like it's armored. The machine has arrived perfect. The very kind seller and respond quickly, I have no problem sending to the Balearic Islands

  3. Nice quality

    Posted by Debbie on 9th Dec 2019

    Very happy with the purchase.It works perfectly, came in very good condition

  4. Perfect ultra fast delivery.

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2019

    Perfect ultra fast delivery.

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    Posted by Vincent on 20th Oct 2018

    Very good product, solid and quality. Excellent customer service.

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    Posted by Dean on 21st Jul 2017

    Thank you very much work perfectly

  7. fast delivered, good condition

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Sep 2015

    fast delivered, good condition

  8. high sensitive

    Posted by Mussair Carter on 12th Aug 2013

    I bought LTC64X V2 from this online shop. They delivery it pretty fast. Also it works well..will come back again.