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Long Range Minelab Gold Detector GPX 4500

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Product Description

The product that you are viewing is the Long Range Minelab Gold Detector GPX 4500, which sets the new benchmark in gold detecting technology. And owning amazing range of features and functions this Minelab Gold Detector GPX 4500 is not only superior to its predecessor, but also really a superior device in the gold detecting field.

And you can see the wonderful aspects form just some of the functions and characteristics that this gold detector owns. Firstly, it owns the exclusive technologies, such as Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA), and with such good design high performance GPX 4500 is capable of finding more gold than ever before. Besides new timings have been applied on this device such as the fine gold timing, coin/relic timing, and improved enhance timing. And they all have their different advantages in gold detecting.

Besides the design of six preset search modes gives you easy switch on and go detecting. And Hi-Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint are aiming to general and deep search, and you can set all the six search modes to your personal favorite settings and rename the Menu accessible Search Modes.

More details of this Minelab Gold Detector GPX 4500 are provided as follows and if you want to know more just come here and you will get the useful information and have a good knowledge of the device.



Technology delivers to you the most technologically advanced detector yet making small hard to hear nuggets more obvious.


Make the GPX4500 the most versatile ever. It's like having 8 detectors in 1. In addition to five of the Timings found on the previous model

The GPX 4500 introduces three new Timings: Coin/Relic, Salt/Gold and Fine Gold.


Gives even more depth and sensitivity than Enhance bring home more nuggets even from ground thought to be completely worked outSALT/GOLD TIMING

Is great for all nugget sizes in salty ground and also outstanding at the beach!


It is the deepest ever for benign ground conditions.


For more depth


For increased target sensitivity and ground balance performance


Gives you easy switch on and go detecting. In addition to General and Deep search are: Hi-Mineral, Patch, Hi-Trash and Pinpoint. All six Search Modes can be modified to your personal favourite settings. Menu accessible Search Modes can also be renamed.


Allows you more precise sensitivity control for optimum performance.


Options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all ground conditions. E. G. (Fixed, Tracking, Tracking speed, Ground Balance Type, Quick-Trac button).


To maximize target signals for your personal hearing ability e. G. (Threshold, Tone, Audio Type, Signal Peak, Response, Target Volume, Volume limit, Stabilizer).

Iron Reject

Be adjustable to suit the iron trash level where you are detecting.


Be adjustable to match your sweep speed and optimize target responses.


(Also known as Noise Cancel) Automatic and Manual options to minimize electrical interference.


So that you can read the LCD menu in any light, allowing you to detect day or night. The back light also has an adjustable timeout to help preserve battery power.


With inbuilt Speaker Booster capability

Two coils

As standard: Two PCS 11 inch search coils give you added versatility and value.


Instrument accuracy is extremely high, can accurately distinguish between gold, silver, copper, iron and other objects, and identify patterns that can be shielded ferrous metals such as iron and other objects. Double chassis design, the push operation in the desert level.


High-brightness LCD indicator panel can display the detected signal strength and metal category.

In the all-metal exploration mode suited to search for metal objects underground, and metal identification function to be simple identification.

In addition to the LED display panel, it can distinguish between the metal category by alarm

With lightweight double cover coils , (oval / round two kinds of disk). (Round 28cm diameter, oval plate: 40 * 30cm)

Equipped with an external headphone jack can be connected to a mono headset, easy to use; built-in high capacity rechargeable batteries, low voltage refers to the function, with the charger, fully charged, can work continuously for more than ten hours.

The appearance and accessories same as the standard Australian minelab brand product

Detecting depth: 1.5-3meter (according to different metal volume can reach different depth. (Usually 60 * 60 * 1CM iron plate), Unique features, functionality and industry-leading patented technology to ensure the stability of the gold detector, even in severe mineralization geological conditions, and still maintain a good depth and sensitivityRole length: 1.3meter


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Reviews for: (Long Range Minelab Gold Detector GPX 4500)

  1. Good detector!!!

    Posted by Anita Cock on 26th Jun 2013

    Good detector for finding gold, I do really like the gold findings feature. As it say, come here now!!

  2. good quality with sound price

    Posted by Lola Synder on 25th Jan 2013

    As an old customer of yours, i think that your product is really excellent with both good quality and sound price.

  3. High quality

    Posted by Gavin Rochford on 25th Oct 2012

    easy to use and with high quality, will come and do business agagin!

  4. fast shipping

    Posted by Earnestine Burrows on 8th Oct 2012

    Arrive three days after the shippment. Really fast, thank you very much!

  5. Helpful

    Posted by Elisabeth Hoerter on 3rd Jun 2012

    This detctor has helped me a lot! Thank you very much!

  6. The price is a little expensive, but i like your product.

    Posted by Virgil Culpepper on 18th Feb 2012

    The price is a little expensive, but i like your product.

  7. The product has a wide range of usage and easy to operate.

    Posted by Sima Western on 7th Feb 2012

    The product has a wide range of usage and easy to operate.